Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mike Huckabee VS. Hilary Clinton

With the sudden surge of popularity for Mike Huckabee can Hilary Clinton hold off a true and honest man? If you take away the fact she is a women and a feminist, what is her character truely about? Hilary tends to flip flop on issues, side with Anti-American activist, have connections with Atheist's, she promotes relations with same sex, She promotes sending our jobs over seas and brokers deals to bring in cheap Anti-American labor ( through work visas and illegal immingration). Promotes spending tax dollars to support non-american peoples, who are also haters of Americans, She will spend tax dollars to promote any other religion except christainity, and much more horrible things.
To the women and poor I ask you this. Truely think for a minute. Do you think a rich women who came from wealth and greed, could really understand and help you? Or a man that came from a working class family who has earned and not abused monies understand and help out the middle and lower classes?

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