Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Buzz on Ron Paul

The buzz in on with Ron Paul.
I was listening to people in a chat room discuss Ron Paul, until then I really never took a look at him. I still wonder if the people realise that the Republican Party controls the Primary. Ron Paul would have to get allot of delegates on his side to even begin a surge toward the White House. I think he burned his bridges in that sense. His stance against a war that nobody wanted, yet we all have to deal with, has cost him any chance. Iraq in plain language "SUCKS", but we do need to change these wackos thinking process before a world war three started. I rather deal with it now then later, yet maybe we should of dealt with it years ago. Did William Clinton drop the ball. I wonder some times. I do know that I watched a debate with Ron Paul and He didn't impress me much with his demeanor.
The Republican front runner who has the best chance of winning the Republican primary is Mike Huckabee. Mike has the necessary elements together and out of them all is the most level honest man. If you do not know allot about Mike go to his website or listen to his debates. He has something special about him that can lead this country in the future. He has run a government already. He is not part of the currant problems in Washington unlike Ron Paul not part of the problem.
In leaving I ask you to think about the direction you want America to go and who has brought you to this point already. Personally I wish Ross Perot would of ran.
In closing have a great day and come check out my blog daily.

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