Monday, January 28, 2008

New England For Mike Huckabee Rally

Saturday, February 2, 2008 at 11:00 AM -3PM

Bushnell Park
Downtown Hartford Carousel

Trinity St.
Hartford , CT 06103
Who should come
Anyone wanting to make a statement in New England in support of Mike Huckabee for President! Mike won’t be there but if we can get a few hundred people to attend we might be able to convince him to stop by!
Right for Life Rally (Community Service)

Event is open for all parties. The event is to raise awarness for a Right for Life. Not just a birth of a child but for the childs right to health care, education, and pursuit to happiness.
Sponcered by New England for Governor Huckabee.
This event will draw something differant. mutual respect and working together for a better America.
Every child deserves our love.
details goto
Event is 02-02-08

This is the reason why our country is great!
SUPPORT GOVERNOR HUCKABEE’S STANCE ON THE RIGHT TO LIFE.Anyone that supports the right to life please come.
SUPPORT GOVERNOR HUCKABEE’S STANCE ON MARRIGE.How to find the organizer(s)“I predict there will be a few hundred of us with Huckabee signs, shirts, and more!!!”
–Russ (Connecticut Huckabee Meetup Leader)
DetailsI’m not going to ask you to go vote, and not care who you vote for. I want you to vote for me. And I’ll hope you want to, and I hope you’ll not only go, but you’ll get on your phone and you’ll get on your email list, and you’ll start going door to door, do whatever you gotta do, call radio stations and get on the talk lines. Let’s burn this state up over the next 30 hours.” ~ Mike Huckabee

11:00am Meet at Bushnell park, near the Carousel to hand out signs and set up tables for flyer’s, coffee, and juice.
12:00pm - 3:00pm Rally near the arch for sign waving and rally cries in support for Huckabee.

Bring your husbands, wives, kids, friends, Huckabee t-shirts and home made signs. WE WILL be attracting the state media, networks, and newspapers to be prepared to tell New England why you support Mike.

There is a UConn Men’s basketball game at 1:00pm 2 blocks away which attracts up to 16,000 visitors to downtown Hartford. A few of us can go to each of the 3 entrances to wave signs and hand out litterature.

Please bring any signs you have or litterature.

This event is also in support of THE RIGHT TO LIFE.

Save a child by showing your support for Governor Huckabee.

Again Please spread the word.

I truly hope that everyone who wants to protect a new born child shows up and gives their support for THE RIGHT FOR LIFE.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Ameriborn Society "Widget"

William Landers Economy & America

William Landers Economy & America “Bush Tax Cuts”Published in January 18th, 2008 | EditPosted by William Landers in Economy, Mike Huckabee, Politics, William LandersNo CommentsEvery one is saying the economy is collapsing because Wall Street is being hit, LOL. That is a joke. It is good when Wall Street is hurting that means inflation is on it’s way out. In fact let all those big corporations fall apart. Lets inject the money into the hands of small business and medium size business. I feel no pain for those paper pushers who wouldn’t know what a hard days work is.

They want to take your tax dollars and give it to the rich and huge business, by the way for tax rebates for you. Their theory is that you will buy more of these huge corporations products not made in the USA.

How about we take that money and spend it with small business that make products in the USA?

We need to understand if you want to make a real change, provide good paying jobs for the disadvantage.

We need to get together with European nations and put a Holt on manufacturing in China and countries that do not buy more then they sell.

The true secret on economics is to sell more then you buy. Why our country and huge business can not understand that, who knows.

The politicians and huge business has attacked us on all fronts to divide us. There is an old saying together we stand divided we fall. The rich eilte are standing together so we working class need to as well. If we allow them to keep us divided we will fall.

Instead of giving Tax cuts.We need to take that tax cut money and invest that money into everyday persons born in the United States both in education and allow them to develop small manufacturing plants in United States.

This will make long term changes in our economy. Instead of rewarding those who are selling out the middle class and disadvantage. Lets go after those people and give the difference to the ones who are helping the middle class and disadvantage.

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