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Huckabee's Fans Work From The Heart

Huckabee's Fans Work From The Heart

Huckabee Rally Hartford CT 2-02-08

Bill O'Brien of Wolcott, Nick D'Amato of Hamden, and John DelVento of Torrington hold signs for Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee during a rally outside Hartford's XL Center Saturday before the start of the UConn basketball game. (MARK MIRKO / February 2, 2008)

| Courant Staff Writer
Mike Huckabee is a distant third in Connecticut polls behind John McCain and Mitt Romney in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. That did not deter Russ LeJeune Saturday as he pulled up to Bushnell Park for a day of campaigning.One by one, LeJeune and about eight other supporters of the former Arkansas governor gathered by the park, grabbed as many posters, placards and pamphlets as they could and set off to spread Huckabee's message to Connecticut voters.

A stiff wind, overcast skies and chilly temperatures couldn't stop LeJeune and his fellow Huckabee supporters. As state voters gear up for Tuesday's presidential primary and numerous national campaigns and operatives descend on Connecticut to get out the vote, LeJeune said his campaigning on Saturday — a grass-roots, local volunteer effort — was meant to generate energy among fellow voters. "Ours doesn't come from money, ours comes from our heart," William Landers of Wallingford said of the Huckabee campaign effort.Landers, LeJeune and the other Huckabee supporters wound their way through the streets of downtown Hartford waving at cars, distributing literature and promoting their candidate. Landers, who owns a landscaping and masonry business in Windsor Locks, filled the streets with chants of "We Like Mike!"LeJeune, a South Windsor entrepreneur who owns an information technology business, said he hoped to persuade voters to consider Huckabee, whom he called a good fit for Connecticut's voters and values. But he also hoped to get Connecticut residents thinking about one of the most important elections in history, he said.He found plenty of Connecticut residents just a short hike from Bushnell Park. As thousands of basketball fans descended on downtown Hartford for UConn's Saturday afternoon game with Pittsburgh, LeJeune's band of Huckabee supporters worked the crowd.

They were joined by others stumping for their presidential candidates. Placards and posters from candidates ranging from Democratic Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to Republican candidate Ron Paul were spotted around the XL Center Saturday afternoon.

Tim White, a Cheshire town council member who also stumped on behalf of Paul's presidential campaign outside the center, said his group's grass-roots effort was about increasing recognition and spreading interest in their candidate.

"Look," LeJeune said, "you can't buy passion in an election."

What a great story from the Hartford Currant making the head lines of the Connecticut section.

The story appeared above Obama and Clinton.

I am so honored by the Hartford Currant.

Also News Channel 3 . Who ran it the Huckabee Rally at 6 and 11 P.M on Saturday Feb. 2nd. and Also 5, 6, and 7 a.m. Sunday the 3rd 2008.

This is truly makes me have hope that the News can not be control completly by News corp. and Wall Street both owned by the same.

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Fleeting_Thoughts said...

McCain, Huckabee Worst Picks for Evangelicals

MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Reverend Rob Schenck (pronounced SHANK), in his capacity as a private citizen, today released this statement regarding tomorrow's primary votes:

"I have spent the last 33 years as an active evangelical Christian. I am an ordained evangelical minister. I graduated from an evangelical Bible college and an evangelical seminary. I serve on the board of America's oldest association of evangelical church leaders, and I head one of the most active evangelical ministries in Washington, DC.

"I have thought long and hard about the upcoming elections. I have prayed earnestly about them, and I have met many of the candidates and their top campaign people and I have studied their platforms and policy proposals.

"After careful and prayerful consideration, I have concluded that an evangelical vote for Mike Huckabee is a vote for John McCain, and a vote for John McCain will be a disaster for this country.

"Let me explain. It's clear to me and many others that Mike Huckabee is not broadening his appeal enough to win the primary. Therefore, his only contribution is to siphon off votes, giving McCain a clear path to victory. It's very possible Huckabee is being positioned to be John McCain's pick for vice president. In order to win, McCain needs Mike Huckabee and the evangelical votes he brings with him. The specter of a McCain-Huckabee ticket is bad for evangelicals.

"McCain is proud of his signature accomplishment, the McCain-Feingold law co-authored with liberal Democrat senator Russ Feingold. McCain-Feingold severely limits the First Amendment rights of evangelicals. McCain will use this law as the litmus test for his Supreme Court nominees. If a judge is likely to be against McCain's unconstitutional law, McCain will not nominate him. Make no mistake about it, constitutional originalist judges will be against McCain-Feingold. These same judges will also be pro-life, for traditional marriage and for the public acknowledgment of God.

"Only liberal judges will support McCain-Feingold. They will also be pro-abortion, anti-traditional marriage and against the public acknowledgement of God. So, with a McCain-Huckabee administration, or with a McCain-anyone administration, we get the wrong judges. Most distressing, we get the wrong justices on the U.S. Supreme Court."Evangelicals must consider both the stakes and the realities in this election. Mike Huckabee's continuation only helps John McCain. The consequences are just too great to take this risk. A McCain victory will hurt this country because of the long-term damage of the wrong judges and justices. Worse, McCain's court legacy will continue to hurt our children and our grandchildren, perhaps even our great grandchildren.

"Evangelicals must choose wisely from among candidates other than Mike Huckabee and John McCain as they vote tomorrow, February 5.

"For identification purposes only, the Reverend Rob Schenck (pronounced SHANK) is president of Faith and Action in the Nation's Capital, chairman of the Committee on Church and Society for the Evangelical Church Alliance and co-founder of the annual National Memorial for the Pre-born and their Mothers and Fathers, the only pro-life worship service held inside the U.S. Capitol complex in Washington, DC.

It’s time to Rally to Romney so we can block McCain!