Friday, January 18, 2008

William Landers Economy & America

William Landers Economy & America “Bush Tax Cuts”Published in January 18th, 2008 | EditPosted by William Landers in Economy, Mike Huckabee, Politics, William LandersNo CommentsEvery one is saying the economy is collapsing because Wall Street is being hit, LOL. That is a joke. It is good when Wall Street is hurting that means inflation is on it’s way out. In fact let all those big corporations fall apart. Lets inject the money into the hands of small business and medium size business. I feel no pain for those paper pushers who wouldn’t know what a hard days work is.

They want to take your tax dollars and give it to the rich and huge business, by the way for tax rebates for you. Their theory is that you will buy more of these huge corporations products not made in the USA.

How about we take that money and spend it with small business that make products in the USA?

We need to understand if you want to make a real change, provide good paying jobs for the disadvantage.

We need to get together with European nations and put a Holt on manufacturing in China and countries that do not buy more then they sell.

The true secret on economics is to sell more then you buy. Why our country and huge business can not understand that, who knows.

The politicians and huge business has attacked us on all fronts to divide us. There is an old saying together we stand divided we fall. The rich eilte are standing together so we working class need to as well. If we allow them to keep us divided we will fall.

Instead of giving Tax cuts.We need to take that tax cut money and invest that money into everyday persons born in the United States both in education and allow them to develop small manufacturing plants in United States.

This will make long term changes in our economy. Instead of rewarding those who are selling out the middle class and disadvantage. Lets go after those people and give the difference to the ones who are helping the middle class and disadvantage.

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